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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dutch Police warns “Joma” Sison of new threats to his security

The Dutch Police has warned NDFP chief political consultant Prof. Jose Ma. ‘Joma’ Sison of new threats to his security, after they received reports of such threats, when they visited him in his residence several days ago.

Professor Sison who has been living in Utrecht, The Netherlands for more than 25 years as a recognized political refugee relayed the warning by the Dutch police to his comrades and friends. 

According to Sison, the Dutch Police did not give any names of those plotting the latest threats against him but has advised him to take precautionary measures inside his residence and when going out. The police also informed him of a rally against him to be held in The Hague.

In an interview with Committee DEFEND, Sison said those plotting threats against him can only come from “the Duterte regime and its increasingly isolated band of paid supporters in the Netherlands and Europe.”

Professor Sison also said, the plotters needed to concoct a scheme after Duterte’s “Department of Fake News” led by Martin Andanar made representations at the recent United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva, Switzerland regarding the mass murders and human rights abuses committed by the Duterte regime”.

Sison said he has read from reports that because Andanar could not counter the factual reports from Philippine human rights defenders led by Karapatan, National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers and the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, Andanar simply resorted to “a red-tagging spree”. 

“The Filipino people in the Philippines and abroad, must do their best to effect the immediate arrest of the mass murderer and terrorist Duterte and his minions and bring them before the International Criminal Court in the Hague, The Netherlands”, Sison stressed.### 

* International Committee DEFEND is an international committee that supports and campaigns for the protection of human rights and international humanitarian laws

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