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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


I love

how the mist


the early bloom

of sparkling red

till the

last granule

makes love to

the soft ground.


I love how

your scent


through my nostrils

like the

oriental daffodils

and lingers



I love

how stars glisten

from afar,

casting light

to the clouded minds

of the bourgeousie.


I love

how the comrades

dyed the East red

with arms raised

and fists clenched.


I love

how bullets

lure the


till we crush

the roots

of poverty.


and I love

how Marxism

made me fall

for the

struggling masses

and lifted

the spirit of unity


Till victory

and beyond.


Author’s note: I wrote this poem last April for all the comrades who painted the east red, and for the children of our children. To Antique 7, Maya Daniel, and all the martyrs of the people’s war, thank you so much. We won’t stop until justice prevails. #JusticeforAntique7 #MayaDaniel

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