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Interesting flashback: Filipino actors doing film in Quezon province view remains of Ma. Lorena Barros

Bulletin Today March 26, l976

Camp Wilhelm, Lucena City, March 25 – A top commander of the NPA operating in the Quezon-Laguna-Bulacan triangle, with a price of P 30,000 on her head, was killed early this morning in Bo. Cagsiay II, Mauban, Quezon.  Lt. Col. Wilfredo P.  Villanueva, Quezon PC Commander, in his report to Brig. Gen. Alfredo Montoya, identified the slain dissident chief as Maria Lorena Barros, wife of an NPA Commander who surrendered to Pres. Marcos last year.  The slain amazon was a UP graduate of Arts and Sciences.  The PC said that Barros was married to Ramon Sanchez who surrendered to President Marcos last year.  

Note to the photo:

News writer and film maker Diego Cagahastian gave the photo to this blogger sometime in the 1980’s. He was part of a film crew shooting a film in Mauban Quezon with Ramon Revilla and Boots Anson Roa (who were in the photo viewing Lory’s body). At the time of the filming, the military were already prowling the mountains of Mauban looking for Lorie.  Diego said one of the soldiers told him they were already tipped of the mountain hideout of Lorie and it was just a matter of time for her capture, dead or alive.  Tragically her end came.  The commanding military officer recounted Lorie was mortally bleeding but still alive when they captured her.  He said she managed to say a few parting words.

Many people came to view Lorie’s body to pay respects to her.  Diego was so moved by what he saw that he set out to do a film project of her life but it did not materialize.  The picture is a tiny passport size photo  which was enlarged for clarity.


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