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Sara insists Davao has ‘working’ speed guns

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio on Monday, December 18, clarified that the city still has four working speed guns for the Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO).

“We have a speed gun, we have it with the CTTMO,” Dutere-Carpio told a press conference.

Previously, Supt. Ernesto Castillo, head of the Traffic Group, said they no longer have any functioning speed guns, thus affecting the body’s implementation of the speed limit rule here.

But the mayor denied Castillo’s claims, and advised the official not to preempt other offices.

The Traffic Group operates under the DCPO, while the CTTMO is a department under the control of Duterte-Carpio’s office.

On Monday, she told reporters that she has spoken to Davao City Police Office (DCPO) Director Alexander Tagum on this matter

“I called the attention of the City Director (Tagum) to tell the policeman not to speak on behalf of other offices. If he wants to verbalize the issues of his office, he should limit it within his office,” she said.

CTTMO’s integrity was put under the spotlight after reports on the city’s implementation of speed limit went out, said Duterte.

Supposing that there has been a lack of speed guns to keep the speed limit implementation running, the mayor could not reconcile the fact that “there were people complaining to me that the CTTMO apprehended them.”

Davao City has set a 30kph to 60 kph allowable speed limit in certain areas for motorists under the Executive Order No. 39.

However, Castillo reported that for almost a year, the city has no available speed guns. He said they are still awaiting the release of five speed guns they requested since March. (davaotoday.com)

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