The IBON 2018 Midyear Birdtalk


The Duterte administration has marked its second year in office. It was ushered into power amid a popular clamor for change but has earned international criticism for its controversial war on drugs and human rights record. It made many promises to the people but economic growth and more foreign investments have not resolved joblessness and poverty for the majority. It is timely to scrutinize what the government is doing to develop the economy and empower the people.

IBON will hold the 2018 IBON Midyear Birdtalk, which will tackle the country’s economic and political situation 1:00-5:00pm at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City on July 12 (with representatives from government offices, non-government and civil society organizations, religious groups, the academe, students, professionals, media, and people’s organizations) and at the Holy Family School of Quezon City on July 13 (with educators and students).

In this light, we cordially invite you and your colleagues to both events. Your attention and participation in and coverage of the discussion will make the event fruitful and more meaningful. We also hope that the discussion contributes to all our various fields of work as nation builders.

We will be able to make better arrangements for you with your RSVP. Please also feel free to contact us for any questions or clarifications. You may email us back or contact us at 9277060-61 loc 301, 927-6986, (0945) 122-4153, and (0916) 531-4607.


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